How to update premium plugin?

A. Using Admin Panel Using License key After you purchase a plugin from Catch Plugins, you will also receive a License key ( API key ). This key will be used for receiving automatic plugin updates. Follow the instructions below for implementing this Key with your product. Go to your dashboard My-Account on Catch Plugins. … Continue reading “How to update premium plugin?”

How to update free plugins?

To update free plugins, go to “Dashboard =>Updates” section from your administration panel. If there are any plugins or themes with new updates, they will appear here. You will see a notification below each plugin that has updates available for you to install, you simply need to click on the “update now” link.  

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins are the easier gateway to get the most out of WordPress. If you’re someone who’s not familiar with heavy coding or want to add some functionalities to your website, WordPress Plugins are the ultimate solution for you. WordPress plugins are available in two types—Premium and Free. Similar to the WordPress themes, Premium WordPress … Continue reading “What are WordPress Plugins?”

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open source content management system (CMS). It’s a software that allows people to create, organize, and update websites without having to manually code every page. WordPress was actually started as a blogging platform, however, it has grown into something much more than that now.  It has evolved to be used as … Continue reading “What is WordPress?”

How to install free plugins?

Installation Using Built in Plugin Installer You can download a plugin directly from your blog by using the Add New option in the Plugins sub-menu. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel Go to “Appearance => Themes =>Add New” Type in the name of the WordPress Plugin or descriptive keyword, author, or tag in Search … Continue reading “How to install free plugins?”