About Us

About Us

Catch Plugins is a division of Catch Themes LLC that aims at crafting simple, minimalistic, and feature-rich WordPress Plugins that are absolutely easy to use.

We provide both free and premium WordPress plugins at Catch Plugins. You can enhance your website with our optimized, easy to use and secure premium WordPress plugins and if you want to get the taste of our service, you can try out our free WordPress plugins.

We design our WordPress plugins in a way that eliminates the need of professional programming and also reduces the costs of building your own website from scratch.

How We Came Into Existence

Catch Plugins was born in 2018 when the Catch Themes team decided to provide themes and plugins through two different websites. From the very beginning of Catch Themes, our team has been crafting elegant WordPress themes and feature-rich WordPress plugins.

WordPress themes and plugins being provided on the same website was, however, a bit confusing for our users. It was high time that we get our own identity to provide our valued customers with more enhanced WordPress plugins. Putting a full-stop sign on the confusion for our customers, Catch Themes team finally decided to get a new home for WordPress plugins – Catch Plugins, a place where you’ll find amazing WordPress plugins with an array of features packed in it. And this is how we officially came into existence.

Our Team

We are a tightly-knit team of young and motivated designers, developers, and writers creating WordPress plugins that can help a diverse range of users – be it students, professionals, businesses, bloggers & other creative – showcase themselves on the internet. We work tirelessly to keep up-to-date on the forever-evolving web world.

Our Values

We’ve built Catch Plugins with several motives such as providing easier access to our plugins, auto updates, better support, site optimization, less confusion, and more. All of our motives to create Catch Plugins follow the fact that we want to give our users a better platform to get their hands on our WordPress plugins.

Catch Plugins not only gives us a separate identity but also provides our valued customers an easier access to our WordPress plugins. You will also be provided with the auto updates if you use our WordPress plugins for one website. However, if you want to use our plugins for multiple websites, you will have to manually update the plugins.

Here at Catch Plugins, you will receive excellent support from our genuine developers. If you’re having trouble with anything regarding our WordPress plugins, always feel free to contact us. We follow the best coding practices for site optimization. And above all, Catch Plugins focuses on reducing the confusion for our customers and provide WordPress plugins filled with convenient features to have a smooth platform to work on.

With our WordPress plugins, we strive to make your website experience simpler and better; and we’ll do all it takes to make sure you always receive the best in WordPress plugins.