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    Heyho 🙂

    I noticed, that the services widget displays contents in order (oldest -> newest)
    The same order is used on the homepage when choosing that services should be displayed, but not choosing which one is at which position.
    In the services archive however, the order is reversed, thus the contents are displayed in order (newest -> oldest)

    I think the order (newest -> oldest) might be more helpful, but in the end you can simply edit the order by editing the publishing date of the service. The reason I report this, is that it might be very confusing for visitors when the orders of the widget/homepage and the archives are not the same.

    Test page with services widget via shortcode:
    Services archive page:

    Also I noticed that one of my images is much bigger at the site where I put in the widget via shortcode.
    Personally I’m not using the Widget at the moment but I just wanted to report it to be considered in future updates.

    I’m really impressed of your themes, but this plugin is driving me nuts 😂
    But I guess these are fine tuning issues compared with the amount of functionality the plugin offers.


    By reading through your blog I found out, that the order is editable by using the order attribute in the shortcode.
    Since the order of the widget on the frontpage is editable too, this “issue” is solved.

    But if it is not a lot of work, you could consider to set the default order of the widget and the archive to the same value for user experience reasons.

    That the one image is much bigger than the others is not much of a problem for me at the moment, but probably you could take a look at it. Deleting and recreating the service and the image did not change anything, even when using a different name for the image.


    After testing around a little more I actually think it might be more helpful and easier to implement, to sort the archive page like the widget (oldest -> newest).
    The “previous” and “next” button are not as you might expect it, when getting from services archive to a certain service.
    When clicking on the first service of the archive (with the current order), it only has a “previous” button, to get to the second service, which is counterintuitive.


    I made a temporary solution by changing the text on the buttons below the service/testimonial:
    The button for the previous entry now displays “Weiter” which is “next” in german
    The button for the next entry now displays “Zurück” which is “previous” in german

    It’s a little uncommon to have the “next” button on the left and the “previous” button on the right, but I think it’s a smaller drawback compared to having an entry navigation which navigates in a reversed way to the archive navigation.

    On mobile devices it’s actually a user friendly navigation method, since the fake “next” button is displayed above the fake “previous” button.


    @computermate: Hello there,
    The issues has been fixed and an update will be released very soon. I will let you know when the update is released.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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