Dear Skandha,
Thank you for your reply, but I already know my CSS Code. What I’m saying is that it loads before your plugin CSS so YOUR CODE overwrites whatever changes I attempt to make. That’s why I suggested a CUSTOM CSS within your plugin customization.

Everything worked fine for me on mobile, but the arrow wasn’t centered and/or the box appears a bit more portrait than squared. This is because the size of width, height, and font-size are all controlled in your settings by one setting (width).

When I reduced the size of the font in firefox web developer, it was fine. However, I was unable to affect the CSS through any method I know (no way to change font-size in your customization area. customization within my theme’s custom CSS area gets overwritten by your CSS). For now I’ve just turned it off.

On the button states, I wanted to switch out the background-color on the hover state. Again, no way to customize this as whatever you have coded into the plugin loads after any spaced in which I can add custom CSS.

Warm regards,