Maybe I was not clear.

I had to provide a link to the image since I did not see a way to upload it. Did you see it?

The button likely appears under low-bandwidth circumstances.

– the button should not be there under any circumstances since I am using the CSS code which you provided elsewhere. The CSS should turn off the button completely

– the button should not be there under low bandwidth circumstances since when pressed nothing happens. Having a button present suggests that movie is playable when it is not.

It should remain on the first frame of the movie and act as a still, if that is the case.

– the paid version of the plugin suggests full video autoplay. So the button should not be there

Lastly, In my world of UI/UX, for every action, there is a reaction. If I press a button there has to be An immediate reaction. It needs not to have the button present if it can’t play the movie

I look forward to the fix. Thanks