We changed the name of our Instagram Plugin (Pro and Free)

Social Gallery and Widget

Only after around two months of changing the name of our Instagram plugin, we want to announce that we again have changed the name of our Instagram plugin (both Pro and Free). We’ve changed our Instagram plugin’s name from “Gallery and Widget for Instagram” to “Social Gallery and Widget”.

The sudden change is due to trademark violation. Instagram has trademarked the word ‘Instagram’. This is to prevent third-party apps from using it as part of their branding.

Since Instagram has trademarked the word ‘Instagram’, none of the third-party apps will be allowed to use the word in their app’s branding like in the name or banner. So, we’ve taken down the ‘Instagram’ word from our plugin’s name and banner as well.

Social Gallery and Widget Plugin

Social Gallery and Widget is an easy-to-use Instagram plugin for WordPress. With the plugin installed and activated, you can easily display the Instagram feed on your site elegantly. The plugin is available in two forms – premium and free. Social Gallery and Widget Pro comes with features like layout options, column options, lightbox, responsive gallery carousel, editable load more/view on Instagram button, padding in-between options, number of posts, image sizes, shortcode, widgets, view on Instagram link and more.

However, the Free version comes with fewer but crucial customization options like number of posts, image sizes, shortcode, widgets, view on the Instagram link, and more.

Click here to check out Social Gallery and Widget Pro. If you try the free version, click here to download the free Social Gallery and Widget plugin.

All things considered, from now on, our Instagram plugin will be named as Social Gallery and Widget.

If you have any questions regarding the name change, feel free to drop us a line.

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