Hello Skandha,

There are two screen shots. Please examine the one with the word incomplete in it.
You can see that the menu structure is: Braun -> Intro -> Experiment Systems -> MiniSystem. That is the complete breadcrumb trail. Try examining the breadcrumb trial from the home page (https://lectron.info), you will see it more easily.

I know how to do the CSS code (sort of, lol) but my point is that styling customizations should all be through the cockpit settings without having to use CSS code. Not everyone is comfortable with using code. Current plugin best practices are to do styling directly and visually without code a la Elementor.

Your version in the WP dashboard STILL shows up as 1.3 instead of 2.0. Yours is the only plugin that I have that does not allow updating but rather requires deactivation and deletion first.

What are your thoughts?