Catch Infinite Scroll Plugin Crossed 20K Active Installs

We’re very happy to announce that our free infinite scrolling WordPress plugin, Catch Infinite Scroll has reached a new milestone. The plugin has crossed 20K Active Installs on

Catch Infinite Scroll Plugin Crossed 20K Active Installs

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We’ve reached this milestone with your love and support. Thank you so much, everyone, for supporting and trusting our work.

Here’s a little about the plugin:

Catch Infinite Scroll – Infinite Scrolling Plugin for WordPress

Catch Infinite Scroll Plugin

Catch Infinite Scroll allows you to add the magic of infinite scrolling on your site. It is a single solution to all those loading issues caused by the change of the page. With the plugin installed and activated, your users will be able to simply scroll down and go deeper into your website. The plugin will load content automatically as you scroll down the page or you can also add a “Load More” button to load more content.

You will have control over some of the crucial features available in the plugin. For instance, choosing between Click or Scroll to load more, add a custom image, load more text, and finish text.

Display your content online in a sequential way with the new infinite scrolling plugin without affecting your wallet.

And if you need advanced features like Color Options, Font Family Options, Custom Font Size, and more, you can upgrade to the premium version of this plugin, Catch Infinite Scroll Pro.

Buy: Catch Infinite Scroll Pro PLUGIN

Once again, our Catch Plugins family would like to thank all of you for always supporting us and showing love to our plugins. We look forward to serving you with more of our products with the same passion, dedication, and effort.

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