Important Notice for our Catch Updater Plugin users regarding WordPress 5.5 update

WordPressers! We have short important notice for our Catch Updater plugin users regarding the plugin’s status with the new 5.5 updates.

Notice for Catch Updater plugin users

As we all know, WordPress 5.5 shipped out last week and it brought many big changes along with it. One of the major core changes was the inbuilt “Auto Update” feature for all WordPress plugins and themes. With this change in 5.5, we’re glad that users can now enable auto-updates for the plugins directly from their dashboard. Meanwhile, we also want to announce that our Catch Updater plugin users can now deactivate or delete the plugin if they are running WP version 5.5 with the inbuilt Auto-Updating Themes and plugins functionality.

For all our Catch Updater plugin users who’re running the updated version of WordPress, i.e. v5.5 on their site, we’ve added a short message that the plugin is no longer supported. Users can just deactivate the Catch Updater Plugin or delete it completely.

The main motive behind our Catch Updater plugin was to provide an easy gateway for our users to update their plugins and themes effortlessly using the WordPress Admin Panel. And now since WordPress includes an inbuilt “Enable Auto Update” feature, you might not necessarily have to run another plugin.

According to the official WordPress Stats, only 18% of users have updated to WordPress 5.5. Therefore, we still have our Catch Updater plugin in development for those who have not updated to WordPress core 5.5. We will be removing the plugin once the number of 5.5 users increases to 80% or above.

If you have any queries regarding the notice, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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