@dieterho : Manually, to embed Instagram Feed on posts and pages, add the [catch-instagram-feed-gallery-widget] shortcode to a post or page. The shortcode will display Instagram Feed in different ways, depending on how you use the optional attributes to customize the Instagram Feed.


* title: Title for Instagram Gallery.
* type: Select how you want to display instagram content, by username or by hashtag.
* username: If username is selected, Instagram account’s username of which you want to display feed else any tag name you want to display (example: books).
* layout: Different layout do show your instagram feeds.
* column: Select options from 2 to 8 columns. . Defaults to 6. (number, 2-8)
* number: Number of instagram feed in shortcode. Defaults to 6. (number, 1-30)
* size: Select image size to be displayed.
* target: Enable link to original post in Instagram.
* link_type: Select between Load More/View on Instagram/Hide Link.
* link_text: Editable Load More/ View on Instagram text.

[catch-instagram-feed-gallery-widget title="Catch Instagram Feed Gallery Widget" type="users" username="catch.themes" layout="masonry" column="four-columns" number="10" size="standard_resolution" target="true" link_type="load_more" link_text="Load More"]
The example will display 10 Instagram feed of ‘catch.themes’ in 4 column with large sized images in Masonry layout. Link to original Instagram post in enabled. Load more button is shown with text “**Load More**”.

If you use block editor you may add Instagram block directly and customize the available options from the sidebar of editor. Let me know if this helps you out.