Added Food Menu in Essential Content Types Plugin Pro

Essential Content Types Pro just got better! It now comes with a new custom post type – Food Menu Items.

Essential Content Types Pro is a plugin inspired by Jetpack’s own Custom Content Types. However, staying true to its name, it has only the “essential” features that WordPressers use most. We have ruled out all other elements to make it light and clean. Thus, it takes up lesser space and does the job well.

Earlier, Essential Content Types Pro allowed you to add up to four custom post types (CPTs) to your website. And now, with the updated version, the plugin will now allow you to add a new custom post type – Food Menu Items.

If you run a restaurant or any food business, you must showcase your food menu items gracefully in order to attract more customers to your business. Adding a food menu on your website makes your website more engaging and lets your visitors know everything you have to offer.

Food Menu

You will now be able to add a unique food menu on your website elegantly by using shortcodes. First, you need to activate the Food Menu custom content type on your site and add some food menus.

Next, add the shortcode – [food_menu] to a post or page where you want to display your food menu. The shortcode will then display your food menu in a well-designed way in the selected post or page.


  • showposts: number of menu items to display. Defaults to all. (number)
  • include_type: display specific Content Types. Defaults to all. (comma-separated list of Content Type slugs)
  • include_tag: display specific Content Tags. Defaults to all. (comma-separated list Content Tag slugs)


[food_menu showposts="10" include_type="pizza,burger,breakfast"]
The example will display up to ten menu items. It will only display menu items in “Pizza”, “Burger” or “Breakfast” sections.

Want to add shortcodes in an easier way? Essential Content Types Pro has got you covered. Essential Content Types Pro adds a button to your editor. Simply choose the content type and display them on your website effortlessly.

So, update to the latest version of Essential Content Types plugin right away and make your website more engaging!

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