Our Latest Release: Essential Content Types Pro 3.0 RELOADED!

Upgrading our products and providing you with the best of it has always been our top priority. And today, on the occasion of our 8th anniversary, we’re very happy to be releasing an updated, advanced version of our Custom Post Types WordPress plugin, Essential Content Types Pro 3.0 Reloaded. The new version is reloaded with drastic design changes and some quick features/enhancements as well.

Essential Content Types Pro

Essential Content Types Pro is a Custom Post Types WordPress plugin that allows you to go beyond the regular posts and pages. Staying true to the essence of its name, Essential Content Types Pro plugin includes only the essential custom post types; cutting out all the unnecessary elements. The plugin is absolutely lightweight, responsive, and displays your custom posts types in the most alluring way possible.

Essential Content Types Pro includes seven custom post types. You will find Portfolios, Testimonials, Featured Content, Services, Food Menu, Event, and Team. These custom post types will help you display everything you want to showcase to your visitors easily. All of these custom post types are fully customizable and extremely easy to use.

New Features in Essential Content Types Pro 3.0 RELOADED

For this new update v3.0, we have decided to focus more on the content design as it is one of the most important aspects. We’ve added different style options to give you the flexibility to play around with CPT designs on the front end. Apart from the designs, we’ve also brought some minor improvements to enhance user experience. For instance, shortcode generator button relocation, custom slug, color options, and more. Let’s have a quick look at the new features in Essential Content Types Pro 3.0 RELOADED.

Added Style Options and New Content Designs

Added Style Options and New Content Designs

The new Reloaded ECT Pro 3.0 has introduced 4 new style options. Beforehand, you could only change the column layout. But now, with the new update, you can display your custom posts types in 4 different styles. You can select a style option and view the design changes on the front-end. This new feature has completely changed the way we look at the Essential Content Types Pro plugin. It has become so vast and the new style options with new designs make it absolutely versatile. Try out the new style options and pick the one that suits the best for you.

Added Color Options

Essential Content Types Pro 3.0 Reloaded also comes with new color options for your custom post types. You can choose custom colors for Heading, Primary, Link, Hover, and Background sections. The unlimited color palette gives you the freedom to play around with your favorite colors and bring out the best in your custom post types.

New Custom Slug Option

The new update comes with a brand new feature of the Custom Slug option. You can find the feature on the main settings page of the plugin. Visit Dashboard > Essential Content Type Pro. You can enter your custom slug for each of the custom post types. Make sure you run the URL once you add a custom slug.

Shortcode Generator Button

With the new update, we’ve relocated the Shortcode generator button to the TinyMCE editor along with other toolbars. Previously, the button was placed next to the  ‘Add Media’ button and while it worked fine on the Classic Editor, it was not available on the block editor. Therefore, we’ve relocated the shortcode generator button and now it is easily accessible on the Gutenberg Editor as well. The shortcode generator button is available in the Classic block. This would be very handy for those who use block editor and want to enter shortcodes instead of ECT blocks.

Using Essential Content Types Pro plugin

Our Essential Content Types Plugin works smoothly on both Block Editor and Classic Editor. However, the method of adding Custom Post Types with ECT is a little different in both editors. Therefore, we will be providing a quick demonstration of how you can add custom post types with the Essential Content Types Pro plugin on both editors. Let’s begin!

For Gutenberg Editor

If you are using the block editor, you will find our Essential Content Types block on your editor. Click on the + button and scroll to the ECT Blocks section. As shown in the image below, there are various custom post type options you can go for.

ECT Blocks

For this tutorial, I will be adding Featured Content. After you enter the custom post type of your desire, you will find the ECT block customizer on the right side of your screen.

ECT Block Setting

You can choose different content designs from the newly added Style Option. Since the plugin provides full customization power to you, you can customize the custom post type any way you want. Moreover, don’t forget to try out the new color option as well.

Once you’re done with the customization, you can publish your custom post type and visit your site to see the ECT Pro in action.

In case you are not comfortable working with the blocks, you can also use shortcodes to add custom post types. The shortcode generator button is available on the Classic block.

For Classic Editor

If you are still not sure about the block editor and using the Classic Editor, here is how you can add custom post type content with our ECT Pro. The method is different than the previous one. Also, it includes shortcodes.

First, edit or add a new post/page where you want your custom post type to be displayed. On the editor, click on the ECT shortcode button available in the toolbars area. It will bring out a popup on your screen. Now, you need to choose the custom post type you want to display.

ECT button on Classic Editor updated

Then, you will be provided with all the customization options available for your chosen custom post type, including the new Style option and color option.

After the customization is done, you need to click on the ‘Insert Shortcode’ button. Now, the custom post type shortcode will be added to your page/post. Hit the Publish button afterward. Simple and quick!

ECT Shortcode Updated

Visit your site to see ECT Pro in action!


To conclude, the Essential Content Types Pro plugin is now more lively and efficient with all these new features and functionalities. We’ve loaded this update with so many cool features and we hope you find it fascinating and obliging.

Buy Essential Content Types Pro Pro today to put your hands on these fresh features and go beyond the regular pages and posts.


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