Our Catch Import/Export Plugin is Now Available on WordPress.org!


Catch Plugins team has always been passionate about crafting free plugins for everyone to use. And today, we are very happy and proud to announce that Catch Import/Export, our latest free WordPress plugin to export and import the customizer settings is now available on WordPress.org. The plugin went live on the WordPress Plugin Directory today.

Catch Import Export is a simple and easy-to-use import-export WordPress plugin that is completely free of cost. It addresses the need for importing and exporting of customizer settings from any WordPress theme to another website. However, you’ll need to have the same theme or its child theme installed on both sites where you are performing the export/import task.

This plugin allows you to move the theme customizer settings from one website to another without having to move the content and database. With the Catch Import Export plugin, you can export the customizer settings in order to reuse it. With the same theme or its child theme installed, you can import the .dat file in another website. Catch Import Export lets you perform the import-export task either from the customizer itself or by visiting the plugin’s setting page in the dashboard.

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to backup or export your WordPress Customizer settings, Catch Import Export is a perfect solution for you.

Click here to download Catch Import/Export. Get a quick and easy way to Export and Import Customizer Settings!

Lastly, here at Catch Plugins, we believe that providing free plugins is definitely a way to contribute to the community. And we’ve always been active in giving back to the community. We have contributed eleven free plugins in WordPress.org till now, including the latest Catch Import/Export plugin. We feel very much honored to get all the love and support from everyone. We’re very thankful for all the love we’ve received from our well-wishers. Therefore, a big ‘Thank You!’ from the whole Catch Plugins team for believing in our work!

We look forward to providing you with more of our products in the coming days.

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