New home for our Plugins – Catch Plugins

We are very excited to announce that our brand new website—Catch Plugins is now live and we are ready to serve our valued customers with our service. After working for so long on this project, we are delighted to announce the official launch on May 7, 2018. Catch Plugins is a division of Catch Internet Pvt. Ltd.

A quick background story of our existence: Catch Plugins was born after our Catch Themes team decided to enhance the plugin experience for our users and provide an easier and better access to get our WordPress plugins. Earlier, Catch Themes used to provide both WordPress themes and plugins from the same website, and however, it was a bit confusing for our users. So, ending the confusion, the Catch Themes team decided to give our WordPress plugins a separate identity to provide our valued customer with more enhanced WordPress plugins and an easier access to get them. 

We’ve officially come into existence with several objectives such as providing easier access to our plugins, regular auto updates, site optimization, better support, less confusion and more. However, all of our motives follow the fact that we want to provide our valued customers a better platform to get their hands on our securely coded and regularly updated WordPress plugins.

Here, you’ll find both free and premium WordPress plugins crafted by our genuine developers. Enhance your website with our secure, easy-to-use, secure, and feature-rich Premium WordPress Plugins. And if you want to get the taste of our service first, you are more than welcome to try out our Free WordPress Plugins.

Our plugins are designed in a way that is easily accessible and our users don’t have to deal with all the professional programming hassle. Here, we make sure you are provided with the best of our services.

We’re very happy to introduce Catch Plugins to you and we make sure your website experience is better and simpler.

We hope the launch of our new website – Catch Plugins makes your search easier for safe and secure WordPress plugins. Click here to know more about us.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates from us. Meanwhile, feel free to immerse yourself on our website.

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