Introducing Catch Themes Demo Import – Import Demo Content in a Single Click!

Owning a website of any kind comes with a responsibility to handle it properly. And by handling, we mean you need to keep it updated and upfront in this competitive field. WordPress themes are meant to make your website flaunt out what it has to offer. Since technology is taking over the world nowadays, working on WordPress has become easier day by day. Likewise, most of the WordPress themes now come with different demos for users to try on. If you’re selecting a theme, you can just check out the live demos and get an idea on what you can do with the theme. However, if you like any particular demo and want the exact same design and content placement on your website, then importing files and placing them is the way out. But wait! There’s an easier way, we’re bringing you our latest addition, Catch Themes Demo Import plugin, a new demo importer WordPress plugin, with which you can import the demo content in just a single click.

Catch Themes Demo Import – A Demo Importer WordPress Plugin

Catch Themes Demo Import is a free demo importer WordPress plugin that lets you import the demo you like in just a single click. It is a simple and easy-to-use demo importer plugin that addresses the need for importing the demo content from any WordPress theme. The plugin works out of the box; all you have to do is install and activate the plugin and all the demos available on your currently used WordPress theme will be on your fingertips (visit Appearance > Import Demo Data). Even if the theme doesn’t have any predefined import files, you don’t have to worry. You’ll be provided with three file upload inputs where you need to upload a demo content XML file for content import, a WIE/JSON file for widget import, and a DAT file for customizer import. After providing all three files, you’ll get the theme demo you desired.

The main inspiration behind crafting this amazingly crucial WordPress plugin is our visitors, as always. We’ve been providing several fascinating theme demos with each of our WordPress theme releases. And since our visitors wanted the exact same designs and content placement as on our theme demos, we were highly motivated to build this free demo importer WordPress plugin for them.

With Catch Themes Demo Import, whether you have predefined demo files available or not, you’ll be able to import demos on your website without any hesitancy.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the features in Catch Themes Demo Import – our new demo importer WordPress plugin.

Feature in Catch Themes Demo Import

One Click Demo Importer

As mentioned earlier, the plugin works out of the box. If the theme you’re currently using has a predefined demo file available, you will be presented with all the theme demos available. You can visit Appearance > Import Demo Data page in order to get the demos. Once you’re provided with all the demos, you can preview and choose the one that fits perfectly for you and your business. Click on the Import button and a pop up will appear asking you to reconfirm that you’re ready to import the demo file. Click “Yes, import!” button and voila! Your demo content is straight up on your website. Enjoy displaying your strengths to the world with Catch Themes Demo Import!

Manual Import

What if your theme doesn’t provide the predefined files to import the demo data? Don’t worry! You can import it manually, however, it will take a little longer. Head over to Appearance > Import Demo Data page. You will have to upload three different files.

The first (and the most important) one is to upload a demo content XML file, this file will import the actual demo content. The second one is to upload a WIE or JSON file; it is for widgets import. Similarly, the third one is to choose a DAT file for importing the customizer settings. You can use our Catch Import Export plugin to export and import the customizer settings. The first file is mandatory and the rest of the two files are optional. Upload the files and click on the “Import Demo Data” button to import the demo.

So, with Catch Themes Demo Import, our new demo importer WordPress plugin, import your desired theme demo effortlessly even if there are no predefined files.

Other Features

Gutenberg Compatible

One of the major concern these days is the Gutenberg compatibility. Our demo content importer WordPress plugin is completely compatible with the new default editor, Gutenberg. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the plugin breaking your site.


With the new demo data importer WordPress plugin, Catch Themes Demo Import installed, you will not have to worry about your website getting slower. The plugin is extremely lightweight and doesn’t take much space on your website.

Super Simple to Set Up

It is super easy to set up. Even the beginners can set it up easily and also, you do not need to have any coding knowledge. Just install, activate, and perform the demo importing task straightforwardly in just a single click.

Lesser Configuration

The Catch Themes Demo Import plugin comes with the configuration option to import the demo content only. It means lesser workload for you with less misperception.

Supports all Themes on WordPress

Catch Themes Demo Import has been crafted in a way that is compatible with any WordPress theme as long as they are installed on your website. The plugin functions smoothly on every WordPress theme.

Incredible Support

For importing the demo content on your website, our plugin documentation answers the questions about using the plugin. If you still have difficulties, feel free to post your issues on our “Support” forum

All in all, Catch Themes Demo Import is a simple yet extremely handy demo importer WordPress plugin that is absolutely free. Importing demo content is the easiest way to setup your theme if you don’t want to mess around with the heavy customization. It allows you to quickly edit everything instead of starting from scratch.

Since we’ve provided you an easier way, why not go ahead and import demos that suit perfectly for you?

Download Catch Themes Demo Import today and start importing theme demos to your website without affecting your wallet!


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