Catch Plugins is now WordPress 5.6 Ready

The new major WordPress update is here and we are ready for it. Catch Plugins is now WordPress 5.6 ready!

Catch Plugins is now WordPress 5.6 Ready

Catching up with the latest updates in WordPress is a must. And here at Catch Plugins, we are always curious about the latest WP happenings. So, we are very happy to announce that Catch Plugins is now WordPress 5.6 Ready.

WordPress 5.6 is here with so many exciting features and a brand new default theme. With the excitement for the new update at its peak, it is the perfect time to let you all know that Catch Plugins has been working on all our premium and free plugins for quite some time now. We’ve been preparing ourselves for the big update. And now, you all can enjoy the new, updated version of WordPress without any plugin incompatibility issues. We have made sure that all our plugins (Free and Pro) are completely compatible with the updated version, WordPress 5.6.

After upgrading to WordPress 5.6, you will not face any issues regarding our WordPress plugins. However, you need to make sure you run your plugin on the latest update we’ve provided.

We feel very happy to serve you with our polished, updated, and WP 5.6 ready Plugins.

However, if you still find any issues, please report them to our Support Forum. We’re always here to help.

Let’s Update!

Since the new version includes several major changes, it is sure that thousands of themes and plugins are not compatible with the new editor and might bring issues to your website. So, we recommend that you do not run the update directly on your production site. Instead, consider setting up a test site to play around with the newest version first. And if everything seems fine for you then you can go to your main site.

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