To Top

To Top Plugin adds a floating scroll up box at the bottom right side (by default) of the page when scrolled down and, when clicked, rolls smoothly to the top. This is convenient when you have a long page, and you want to give your visitors an easy way to get back to the top.

When a page or post has heaps of content, visitors have to scroll down to read those content. As they scroll below, all the navigational links go up. When visitors are done with the reading, they need to scroll up to see what else is there on your website. This can be very tedious. To Top Plugin adds a scroll up button that quickly gets visitors to the top of the page in a matter of milliseconds. Also, the transition is smooth and improves user experience. The other great thing about this plugin is you don’t have to touch a single code of your template.

More Features


It is extremely lightweight. You do not need to worry about it affecting the space and speed of your website

Supports All theme on WordPress

You don’t have to worry if you have a slightly different or complicated theme installed on your website. It supports all the themes on WordPress and makes your website more striking and playful.

Incredible Support

We have a great line of support team and support documentation. You do not need to worry about how to use the plugins we provide, just refer to our Tech Support Forum. Further, if you need to do advanced customization to your website, you can always hire our theme customizer!

Plugin Instructions

1) Installation #

a)Using the WordPress Administration Panel

You can download Plugins directly to your blog by using the Add New Plugins option in the Plugins sub-menu.
  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel
  2. Go to "Plugins => Add New"
  3. Search for To Top by catchthemes
  4. Click on "Install Now" install and then "Activate" to activate the Plugin

b)Manual Installation using FTP

To add a new Plugin to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:
  1. Download To Top from at To Top page to your Desktop
  2. Unzip to your Desktop
  3. Using an FTP client to access your host web server. Go to /wp-content/plugins/ and make sure that you do not already have a to-top folder installed. If you do, then back it up and remove it from /wp-content/plugins/ before uploading your copy of To Top
  4. Upload To Top to /wp-content/plugins/
  5. Activate To Top through "Plugins", in your WordPress Dashboard

Updating Plugin Using the Administration Panel #

You can update Themes directly from the Administration Panel by simply pressing the update button in the main plugins page.

Updating Plugins Using FTP

To update Plugin though FTP, follow these basic steps:
  1. Download To Top from at To Top page to your Desktop
  2. Unzip to your Desktop
  3. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/plugin/ and upload your new copy of To Top Plugin which shall replace the old files


To Top button is easy to customize, providing several controls and a live preview area to get immediate visual feedback to any changes in the setting. When you have created a button that fits your website, simply click the Save Changes button.

Under Basic Settings:

  Scroll Offset: Number of pixels to be scrolled before the button appears. Icon Opacity: Choose the degree of transparency to which the To Top button appears. Style: Choose from either an icon or an image for the button.

Under Icon Settings (Appears if you choose an icon for the To Top button):

Select Icon Type: Choose from 3 default icon types. (The numbers may increase with updates). Icon Color: A color palette to choose the color of your icon. Icon Background Color: A color palette to choose the color for the background of your icon. Icon Size (px): Scale the pixel of the icon and set it to your desired size. Border Radius (%): Possible value range is 0 to 50. 0 will make the icon background square and 50 will make it a cir

Under Image Settings (Appears if you choose to set an image for the button):

  Image: You can choose an image by clicking the Change Image button and selecting an image from your media library or upload an image. Image Width (px): Set desired image width for the button. Image Alt:In simple terms, Image Alternative Text is a word or a phrase that appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image. Image Alt is useful when an image link is not available because of a broken or changed URL or similar issues.

Under Advanced Settings:

  Location: Choose from 4 different locations for the button. i. Bottom Right ii. Bottom Left iii. Top Right iv. Top Left Margin X & Y (px): If the above mentioned locations do not fit the location you want, you can set these two parameters and place the button anywhere on the screen. Show on WP-ADMIN? : If you check the Check to Enable, the button will be shown on admin section as well. Enable Auto Hide: If you want the button to hide automatically, simple check the Check to Enable. Auto Hide Time (secs): The button will be hidden automatically after this duration in seconds, if enabled. Hide on Small Devices? : Enabling this feature will hide the button on small devices when the width below matches. Small Device Max Width (px): Button will be hidden on devices with lesser or equal to the width you set here.

Under Reset Settings:

Reset All Settings: Checking this option will revert all the changes you made to default settings. All data will be lost.   Note: Make sure you click Save Changes to save any modifications you have made.

Change Log

2.5.4 (Released: April 09, 2024)

  • Compatibility check up to version 6.5

2.5.3 (Released: November 15, 2023)

  • Compatibility check up to version 6.4

2.5.2 (Released: December 14, 2022)

  • Compatibility check up to version 6.1

2.5.1 (Released: September 20, 2022)

  • Update: Depreciated JS code

2.5 (Released: June 16, 2022)

  • Compatibility check up to version 6.0

2.4 (Released: February 24, 2022)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.9

2.3 (Released: September 18, 2021)

  • Bug Fixed: Security issue on ajax calls

2.2.2 (Released: August 05, 2021)

  • Added: aria-hidden attribute (Requested by flberger)
  • Added: async attribute to script tag (Requested by llubder)
  • Compatibility check up to version 5.8

2.2.1 (Released: March 07, 2021)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.7

2.2 (Released: Aug 19, 2020)

  • Bug Fixed: Issue in add new theme page

2.1 (Released: March 17, 2020)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.4

2.0 (Released: November 12, 2019)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.3

1.9 (Released: August 20, 2019)

  • Added: Option to turn off Catch Themes and Catch Plugin tabs
  • Compatibility check up to version 5.2
  • Updated: Catch Themes and Catch Plugins tabs displaying code

1.8 (Released: February 21, 2019)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.1

1.7 (Released: December 12, 2018)

  • Added: Catch Themes and Catch Plugins tabs in Add themes and Add plugins page respectively
  • Added: Themes by Catch Themes section under Themes panel in customizer
  • Compatibility check up to Version 5.0

1.6 (Released: May 07, 2018)


  • Replaced: div with span (Reported by: jacktester)


  • Bug Fixed: Translation issue, replace top-up text domain to to-top in to-top-admin-display.php file ( Reported By: Guillaume Blet )


  • Compatibility check up to version 4.9


  • Compatibility check up to version 4.8


  • Bug Fixed: Default value of ‘margin_x’ in customizer ( Reported By: sherrif02 )
  • Bug Fixed: Condition check for CSS ( Reported By: sherrif02 )
  • Updated: Make image link protocol-less http:// or https:// to // ( Reported By: pianoworld )


  • Bug Fixed: array_merge issue in some php versions


  • Bug Fixed: Display on hover without scrolling issue


  • Compatibility check up to version 4.7


  • Compatibility check up to version 4.6


  • Changed: http to https in links
  • Bug Fixed: Sanitize callback, saving only changed value and other to null.


  • Added Genericons Support
  • Added Font Awesome Support


  • Initial Release