Catch Gallery

Catch Gallery – a simple gallery plugin for WordPress helps you create stunning galleries. Catch Gallery was inspired by the Jetpack’s Gallery Module. With Catch Gallery, you will be able to exhibit outstanding galleries and portfolios on your creative WordPress websites. It is extremely easy to use. The plugin carries a completely responsive design and your galleries will look appealing from any device. With our new gallery plugin, you can effortlessly boost your website’s appearance, giving it the A-class look that it deserves. Catch gallery allows you to enable and choose the background color of the carousel, show photo metadata, comments, and view full-size images in the gallery. Catch Gallery allows you to add three different types of layouts (in addition to the default layout provided by WordPress – Thumbnail Grid) for your galleries to stand out—Tiled Mosaic, Square Tiles, Circles. These attractive layouts are sure to bring your galleries to life and make it more elegant and appealing. Catch Gallery is extremely lightweight, comes with responsive design, and compatible with all themes. Download Catch Gallery and make your galleries more appealing!

More Features


It is extremely lightweight. You do not need to worry about it affecting the space and speed of your website

Column Option

Column Option allows you to choose from multiple column options. Several options are available for all column types in general to edit the default behavior.

Image Sizes

You can choose the size of the images you want to display. You can either choose to display the thumbnail, small, or large size of the images.

Incredible Support

We have a great line of support team and support documentation. You do not need to worry about how to use the plugins we provide, just refer to our Tech Support Forum. Further, if you need to do advanced customization to your website, you can always hire our theme customizer!

Responsive Design

One of the key features of our plugins is that your website will magically respond and adapt to different screen sizes delivering an optimized design for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Plugin Instructions

Features in Catch Gallery

  1. Link(Attachment Page, Media file)
  2. Column
  3. Size (Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full Size)
  4. Type (Thumbnail grid, Tiled Mosaic, Square Tiles and Circle)

Installation #

For installation please visit our FAQ page.


For update please visit our FAQ page.
A. How to use Catch Gallery?
  1. You can create your own gallery in Page or either in Post as per your requirement
  2. Then click on Add media button, there you can see create gallery option in left side
  3. Click on create gallery then choose your images for gallery
  4. Finally, click on Insert Gallery
B. How to change display of your image galleries styles/layout?Catch Gallery allows you to change image galleries in three four styles: thumbnail grid, a tiled mosaic, a square tiled, and a circular grid.
  1. After creating gallery you can choose the layout of your images on right corner under "Gallery Settings => Type"
  2. Choose the styles as per your desire then click on "Update Gallery"
  3. Further option to edit Sizes

Change Log

= 1.3 (Released: August 20, 2019) =
  • Added: Tooltip for info icons
  • Added: Option to turn off Catch Themes and Catch Plugins tabs
  • Compatibility check up to version 5.2
  • Updated: Catch Themes and Catch Plugins tabs displaying code
= 1.2 (Released: February 21, 2019) =
  • Compatibility check up to version 5.1
= 1.1 (Released: December 12, 2018) =
  • Added: Catch Themes and Catch Plugins tabs in Add themes and Add plugins page respectively
  • Added: Themes by Catch Themes section under Themes panel in customizer
  • Compatibility check up to version 5.0
= 1.0.1 (Released: June 05, 2018) =
  • Bug Fixed: Gallery Widget now saves plugins options
= 1.0 (Released: June 04, 2018) =
  • Initial Public Release

Catch Gallery

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