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Catch Dark Mode Pro is a Premium Dark Mode WordPress plugin that allows you to enable the dark mode option on your WordPress site. Your website will look absolutely gorgeous with the available dark and bold color schemes in Catch Dark Mode. The plugin comes with a handful of crucial customization options. Features such as 10 different Prebuilt Color Schemes, Floating Switch, OS Awareness, Style Options for Switch, 4 Switch Positions, Auto Scheduler, and more are available in Catch Dark Mode Pro. Moreover, you have the option to enable the dark mode on your site by default. Also, the plugin adds a responsive floating dark mode switch button. Catch Dark Mode Pro is the ultimate answer if you want to revamp your site with an aesthetic dark version and provide an eye-pleasing user experience. Activate the dark mode for your site with Catch Dark Mode Pro!

Amazing Features

Supports a Dark Scheme for Themes with Different Color Schemes

Catch Dark Mode Pro comes with a Dark Scheme for themes with different Colors Schemes. So, whatever color scheme you choose from your activated theme, you will get a dark color of that respective scheme after activating our Catch Dark Mode Pro plugin. So, along with our available Catch Dark Mode Color Schemes, you will also get a dark color scheme of your chosen color scheme from your activated theme.

Different Prebuilt Color Schemes

In case your theme does not support color schemes, you still get 10different inbuilt color schemes with the Catch Dark Mode Pro plugin. This feature is for those who are using themes without any color scheme support. Pick your favorite color scheme that matches your site theme.

Floating Switch

A floating switch is available that allows your users to click and activate the dark mode in just a single click whenever they wish. With this switch, you provide your users an option to switch to dark mode according to their preference.

Switch Position

There are four switch positions available with Catch Dark Mode Pro – Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Left, and Top Right. Place the switch wherever you feel comfortable!

OS Awareness

You have the option to automatically enable the dark mode if your OS supports dark mode. After enabling the OS Awareness, if your users are using dark mode on their OS, your site will automatically change to dark mode.

Auto Schedule

Another great feature in Catch Dark Mode Pro is Auto Schedule. You can add the starting time and ending time to activate dark mode on your site.

Free Vs Pro (Premium)

Free Features Pro (Premium)
Responsive Design
Super Easy Setup
Supports All Themes
Light weight
3 different Color Schemes
Enable Dark mode by default
Show floating switch
Different Search Filters: Custom Post Type Filter
Enable/Disable OS aware darkmode
3 Switch Style
2 Switch Position
OS Aware Scheme
10 Different Prebuilt Color Schemes
8 Switch Styles
Auto schedule
Reset Options
Ads-free Dashboard

More Features


It is extremely lightweight. You do not need to worry about it affecting the space and speed of your website

Supports All theme on WordPress

You don’t have to worry if you have a slightly different or complicated theme installed on your website. It supports all the themes on WordPress and makes your website more striking and playful.

Incredible Support

We have a great line of support team and support documentation. You do not need to worry about how to use the plugins we provide, just refer to our Tech Support Forum. Further, if you need to do advanced customization to your website, you can always hire our theme customizer!

Responsive Design

One of the key features of our plugins is that your website will magically respond and adapt to different screen sizes delivering an optimized design for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Super Simple to Set Up

It is super easy to set up. Even the beginners can set it up easily and also, you do not need to have any coding knowledge. Just install, activate, customize it your way and enjoy the plugin.

Plugin Instructions

Features in Catch Dark Mode Dark Pro

  1. 10 different Color Scheme
  2. Show floating switch
  3. Enable OS aware darkmode
  4. 8 different Switch style
  5. Switch Position
  6. Auto Schedule

#How to install plugin?

Go to this link

#How to update plugin?

Go to this link

#How does Catch Dark Mode works?

  1. Install and Activate the "Catch Dark Mode Pro" Plugin
  2. Go to Wordpress Dashboard, you can see "Catch Dark Mode Pro" option after activation of the plugin
  3. Click on "Catch Dark Mode Pro" from dashboard, there you will find "Dashboard" Tab
  4. Now you can change "Color Schemes", "Enable Dark mode by default", "Show Floating Switch", "Enbale/disable OS aware dark mode", "Switch Style", "Switch Postition" and "Auto Schedule" as per your requirements
  5. Finally click on "Save Changes" button to save the changes
You can reset plugin to default by clicking on "Reset Option"

Change Log

1.1 (Released: April 07, 2024)

  • Compatibility check up to version 6.5
  • Bug Fixed: Switch icons from style 3 onwards

1.0 (Released: February 17, 2022)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.9

0.0.2 (Released: July 23, 2021)

  • Compatibility check up to version 5.8
  • Design fixes

0.0.1 (Released: June 13, 2020)

  • Initial Release

Catch Dark Mode Pro

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