Catch BreadCrumb

Catch Breadcrumb is a simple yet feature-rich breadcrumb free WordPress plugin that adds seamless breadcrumbs navigation to your website. The plugin provides customization options, with which you can tweak the settings according to your website. Catch Breadcrumb is extremely lightweight, provides a responsive design and comes with features such as shortcode options, breadcrumb selector, separator, and more. With these features available in the plugin, you can display the breadcrumb trail wherever you wish. Additionally, with the new WordPress plugin for breadcrumbs, you have the option to whether or not display the breadcrumb on the homepage of your website. Checkmark the homepage option in the settings page if you want the breadcrumb to display in the homepage. Add sophisticated breadcrumb trails with Catch Breadcrumb and make your website elegant looking and user-friendly.

Amazing Features


Catch Breadcrumb, the new breadcrumb WordPress plugin supports shortcode. With the plugin activated, you will be provided with the shortcode option. Simply copy and paste the provided shortcode directly into any post or page and enjoy displaying your breadcrumb trail.

Breadcrumb Selector

You can display your breadcrumb trail wherever you want on your website. On the Breadcrumb Selector field, you need to enter the website position. The breadcrumb trails will be displayed gracefully right above the mentioned website section.

Free Vs Pro (Premium)

FreeFeaturesPro (Premium)
Responsive Design
Super Easy Setup
Light weight
Breadcrumb Seperator
Breadcrumb Selector
Enable On Home Page
Font Size
Background Color
Text Color
Seperator Color

More Features


It is extremely lightweight. You do not need to worry about it affecting the space and speed of your website

Supports All theme on WordPress

You don’t have to worry if you have a slightly different or complicated theme installed on your website. It supports all the themes on WordPress and makes your website more striking and playful.


With Shortcodes, you have the option to use the powerful shortcode options to style multiple contents in completely different ways.

Responsive Design

One of the key features of our plugins is that your website will magically respond and adapt to different screen sizes delivering an optimized design for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

Super Simple to Set Up

It is super easy to set up. Even the beginners can set it up easily and also, you do not need to have any coding knowledge. Just install, activate, customize it your way and enjoy the plugin.

Plugin Instructions

Features in Catch Breadcrumb Free

  1. Breadcrumb Selector
  2. Shortcodes
  3. Breadcrumb Seperator
  4. Enable in homepage
  5. Reset to option to default

#How to install plugin?

Go to this link

#How to update plugin?

Go to this link

#How to add Breadcrumb ?

  1. Install and Activate the "Catch Breadcrumb" Plugin
  2. Go to Wordpress Dashboard, you can see " Catch Breadcrumb" option activation of the plugin
  3. Click on the Catch Breadcrumb, There you can see options for " Breadcrumb Selector #1","Breadcrumb Seperator #2"," Enable On Home Page #3", change as per your need
  4. Finally, Click on " Save Changes"

Change Log

= 1.0.2 (Released: November 26, 2018) =
  • Bug Fixed: Home icon CSS (Reported By: skynet)
= 1.0.1 (Released: November 16, 2018) =
  • Added Home Icon
  • Bug Fixed: Too few parameters in get_month_link
  • Support WooCommerce breadcrumb
= 1.0 (Released: September 21, 2018) =
  • Initial Public Release

Catch BreadCrumb

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