Our Latest Addition: Catch Scroll Progress Bar – A WordPress Progress Bar Plugin

Nowadays, the competition in every field is very high and intense. Similarly, in the digital arena as well, you need to make your website stand out among others. In order to make your website extraordinary, there are way too many tools that are completely free. Adding a simple but elegant-looking progress bar can enhance your website. It gives the readers the means to gauge how much of a blog post remains, which will allow them to manage their time more effectively. The reading progress bar plugins are best-suited for websites with long-form content. So, considering all the pros that a reading progress bar can provide, here we introduce you to our new WordPress Progress Bar Plugin – Catch Scroll Progress Bar.

Catch Scroll Progress Bar – Reading Position Indicator WordPress Plugin


Catch Scroll Progress Bar is a simple yet handy WordPress plugin that provides a visual representation of how much of a blog post remains. It is absolutely free of cost. As your reader scrolls down your web page, the progress bar begins to fill, indicating how much progress they’ve made. The plugin is extremely easy to use and even the beginners with zero coding knowledge can easily use it. The administration panel in Catch Scroll Progress Bar is very simple and includes only the essential customization options.

Catch Scroll Progress Bar sure is simple, but don’t let its simplicity delude you. The plugin comes with an array of customization features like choosing the position, background colors, opacity level, height, and more. With Catch Scroll Progress Bar, you can choose your reading progress bar to either display them at the top or bottom of your website. You can choose the background and foreground colors and select their display opacity as well. Most importantly, Catch Scroll Progress Bar empowers you with the conditions as to where your progress bar would be displayed—front page, blog page, or posts/pages.

With all these amazing features integrated into the plugin, Catch Scroll Progress Bar sure is a perfect pick for displaying a simple yet elegant reading progress bar.

Let’s have a quick-detailed look at the features in Catch Scroll Progress Bar.

Major Features in Catch Scroll Progress Bar


Progress Bar Position

Mostly progress bars are displayed on the top of the website. However, with our new WordPress progress bar plugin, you can exhibit your progress bar either on the top or the bottom of your website. The option is there to let you choose the position where your website would flaunt out its beauty and would not disturb other elements on your website.

Color Options and Opacity

There is an unlimited color palette to choose the background and foreground of your reading progress bar. Choose the ones that go along with your website and its look. Now, you don’t want your progress bar to look like the odd-one, do you?

Also, after choosing the correct colors for your background and foreground, you can also select the opacity for both of the fields.

Progress Bar Height

The Progress Bar height setting allows you to choose the thickness of your reading progress bar. Some might like it thin to make it more elegant. Whereas, some might prefer the progress bar a little thick to make it bold and eye-catching.

Border Radius

If you want to give your progress bar a tiny adornment, you can make it curvy by tweaking the Border Radius.

Template Condition

This is where you need to select the Template Condition for your progress bar as to where you want it to be displayed. You can choose the reading progress bar to be displayed on the front page, blog page, or posts and pages. You can also choose to display the reading bar only on posts or only on the pages of your website.

Other Features in Catch Duplicate/Switcher


Catch Scroll Progress Bar is a simple WordPress plugin to display an elegant reading bar that is extremely lightweight. It means you will not have to worry about your website getting slower because of the plugin.

Responsive Design

Our new WordPress Progress Bar plugin comes with a responsive design, therefore, there is no need to strain about the plugin breaking your website.

Compatible with all WordPress Themes

Gutenberg Compatibility is one of the major concerns nowadays for every plugin developer. Our new Catch Scroll Progress Bar plugin has been crafted in a way that supports all the WordPress themes. The plugin functions smoothly on any WordPress theme.

Incredible Support

Catch Scroll Progress Bar comes with Incredible Support. Our plugin documentation answers most questions about using the plugin.  If you’re still having difficulties, you can post it in our Support Forum.

To conclude, Catch Scroll Progress Bar is a simple, super light WordPress progress bar plugin that has the most essential features to show the users how far they’ve scrolled through the current page or post. It comes with responsive layout means the progress bar will look great from mobile to HD. If you’re looking forward to adding a simple, not-so-fancy WordPress progress bar plugin, Catch Scroll Progress Bar is the one to go for.

So, why wait? Download Catch Scroll Progress Bar today and make your website engaging and user-friendly without troubling your wallet.



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